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Advertising on city billboards (boards)

Advertising billboards or boards are prevalent advertising constructions in the world, which are located on the streets, squares, embankments of cities and towns, along roads, trails, buildings. Boards can be: freestanding, settling on the walls of buildings or on rooftops. HideRead more

Advertising on boards works around the clock – at night, with rare exceptions (the lack of technical possibilities) they are illuminated: can be made with outside (spotlight) and inside illumination.

Advertising board can be one, two, three or four sided. Usually advertising boards have two sides. The cost of side “A”, as the rule, is more expensive then side “B”. Boards can show one or several advertising surfaces. Boards, on which located stationary advertising carriers (paper poster or vinyl banner) called static, and boards with several advertising surfaces – dynamic.

The surface of dynamic boards (often called prism, prism vision, trivision) consist of prisms (three, rare tetrahedral) due to the rotation of which can change up to 4 advertising images on the board. Changing the image (on average every 10 seconds) on a dynamic board draws additional attention to it.

Example advertising on boards 3x6 m
Example of advertising on billboards
Advertising on billboards 3x6 m
List of cities in Russia, in which we place advertising on the billboards 3×6 m

Terms of advertising on boards

The cost of advertising placement on boards depends on

  • Region
  • Location
  • Season
  • Duration of the placement
  • Order volume
  • Sides of the placement (A,B)

Cost of developing the layout

Average cost of making advertising mockups from 3 000 rub. (in view of VAT)

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