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Advertising in Perm

Advertising on street

Bus stops
City boards
Boards 3×6

Advertising on transportе

Buses, minibuses
Trolleybuses, trams

Advertising on digital screens

Digital billboards
3×6 m
Screens on the walls and roofs of buildings

Advertising in Perm and Perm region

Perm is the largest city located on the Kama River, to the east of the European part of Russia. Perm is the large industrial, transport and scientific center of Russia. It is the first city in the Urals, in terms of industrial production. The basis of industry is petrochemical and chemical industry, energy, machine building. Wood processing, food industry are also developed. HideRead more

Perm is an important railway junction on the Trans-Siberian road. Perm International Airport - the airport "Bolshoye Savino" takes all types of aircrafts. On the Kama River, in Perm, there are two ports: port "Perm" and port "Levshina" - the most eastern river stations in Europe.

Federal highway Perm-Ekaterinburg highway / E22 go through Perm. City has the bus station "South". Types of transportation in Perm is buses (over 120 routes) and taxis (30 routes), trams (15 routes), trolley buses (13 routes), as well as electric trains.

Volga Federal District
Perm regionй

Advertising in Perm and Perm region
Advertising in Perm and Perm region

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