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Advertising in Moscow
and Moscow region

Outdoor advertising in Moscow

A variety of advertising formats are presented in Moscow: outdoor advertising, advertising on street screens and media facades, advertising on transport, indoor advertising on the territory of business centers, cinemas, shopping malls, supermarkets and gas stations. HideMore

Among the most effective street advertising media are city-formats 1.2x1.8, pillars, sitiboard 2.7x3.7, shields 3x6, supersights, megasites. You can also make a choice in favor of digital media, such as digital city-formats, digital billboards and supersites, screens on walls and roofs of buildings.

Advertising on transport includes placement in the salons and on bus boards, route taxis, trolleybuses, water transport.

Advertising in the Moscow region

Advertising options in the Moscow region include outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising, advertising on transport and at the gas station. Outdoor advertising involves megasites (arches) 5x24 m, supersights 5x12 m and billboards (shields) 3x6 m. HideMore

All the structures are located along the highways (along the roadway, at traffic intersections) and in the cities of the Moscow region (including city entrances and exits). Digital constructions of various formats are also available for you - digital billboards 3 * 6, supersights 5 * 15, media facades and roof panels.

In addition to outdoor advertisement we offer advertising on transport - buses and minibuses – as well as advertising at the gas station.

Production of advertising construction

Our company provides services in the production and realization of ready-made advertising structures manufactured according to the standards which are applicable to outdoor advertising. Having extensive experience in the realization of advertising designs, we are ready to offer you the following products manufactured on our own production: city-formats, pillars, city boards, billboards (billboards) and supersites. All designs have guarantee certificates and passports. Help in delivery is provided.

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