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Advertising on transport in Moscow and the Moscow region

Advertising on transport includes different formats for placement, including stickers on windows, leaflets, magazines, videos and other types of advertisements, placed in the cabin and on board of the transport. These formats will provide a detailed information to the potential consumer about goods and services, brands and actions. Your client will never lose interest in your advertisement, since such formats also solve another problem – advertisement in transport helps passengers pass the time while travelling and get actual information about products as well. HideMore

Due to advertising in transport you easily achieve important marketing goals, such as:

  • Attracting attention of potential buyers, customers, partners who can be both passengers of transport, where advertising is placed, and other road and traffic participants of Moscow and the Moscow region
  • Getting clients, who perceive advertising information more than loyally
  • Making long term impact on the audience and a getting a very wide geography to cover
  • Targeting easily geographically and by other important characteristics for the advertiser as well

Advertising in transport is Ideal for mass release of a new product, service, promotions and discounts, including for the opening of outlets, salons, bank offices, etc.

Advertising on transport

Buses, minibuses
Trolleybuses, trams
Motor ships, launches