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Production of advertising construction

Our company produces standard advertising designs: city-formats (pylons, lightposters) 1.2x1.8 m, city boards 2.7x3.6 m, pillars (billboards) 1.4x3.0 m, billboards (street boards, including double) 3.0x6.0 m and supersite 5.0x12.0 m, 5.0x14.0 m, 5.0x15.0 m. All designs are supplied with the necessary accompanying documentation and have a technical passport and an official guarantee certificate from the manufacturer. We offer our assistance in delivery to any regions of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

City-formats 1.2×1.8 m.
City boards 2.7×3.6 m.
Pillars 1.4×3.0 m.
Billboards 3.0×6.0 m.