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Placement of outdoor advertising in Russian cities

We place outdoor advertising in all regions of Russia: on streets and squares, on roads and highways of the Russian Federation. Small advertising formats, so-called street furniture (road signs, city formats, advertising stands, and city boards), as a rule, are used in the center of cities. Big formats (bill boards, supersites, mega sites), basically, are placed along highways. In the urban environment video advertising on outdoor digital screens attracts special attention. Digital-outdoor advertising is a new and quickly gaining popularity type of outdoor advertising. Main screen formats: 3×6 m and 5×15 m. In the near future it is planned a widespread street video screens of small sizes – city formats 1,2×1,8 м and 2,7×3,7 m. HideRead more

When planning an advertising campaign, it is important to know not only your customers and their preferences, but also the most important moments for them, which can make targeted actions (call, purchase, order). For effective advertising campaign it’s necessary to select the most suitable formats of outdoor advertising carriers. And also it is important to adhere strictly to the law on advertising.

It is necessary to plan carefully each step, every point of advertising campaign, for its effect, including the development of design layout, its approval, production, placement and maintenance of advertising construction.

Outdoor Rus – we organize a full range of activities associated with the placement of outdoor advertising in cities and regions of Russia.

If you want to know the terms of cooperation and the cost of advertising in city, which you interested in, or on a specific line, please contact our managers. They will answer your questions and help you to make a right choice. Develop your business, and we will help you with this. Hide

Advertising on streets

Video advertising on streets

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