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Advertising on supersites (superboards)

Supersites, super boards are a large format outdoor freestanding advertising construction with outside illumination. The location of advertising surface on the high support allows supersite, superboard to dominate other advertising carriers. Advertising image on the supersites, superboards can be seen from a distance. HideRead more

The size of supersites (m): 5×12, 5×15, 3×12, 4×12. Supersite can be two or three sided. Sides indicate by letters A, B, C.

Supersites are located: on the large urban areas, outskirts, along major roads, highways, next to the road junction, near the ring way. Superboards can show on the one side one or several advertising images. These city boards’ constructions called, accordingly, static or dynamic.

Dynamic construction, which allows showing several images on the one side of the superboard is called prism vision (prism, trivizhn), as the image changing achieved by rotating prisms (three- or four-sided) around its axis.

Example of advertising on a supersite
Example of advertising on supersites
Advertising on a superboard
Advertising on a supersite
List of cities in Russia, where we advertise on supersites

Terms of advertising on supersites, superboards

The cost of advertising placement on boards depends on

  • Region
  • Location
  • Side
  • Season
  • Duration of the placement

Cost of developing the layout

Average cost of making advertising mockups from 5 000 rub. (in view of VAT)

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