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Placement of advertising on water ships and boats

We place your advertising on water transport – water ships and boats, plying the rivers in Russia. This gives you an opportunity to attract thousands of clients and partners into your business and ensure steady growth of income from sales of goods and services. Our staff will help you to choose the best type of the placement, you only need to contact them in any convenient way to you. HideRead more

Water ships and boats are mainly touristic vessels operating regular cruises on a particular route. The placement on them allows covering not only travellers, but also those who admire beautiful river distance and dream about travelling so far only on the coast. In addition, advertising on water ships and boats is an access to a fairly wealthy, active audience that is willing to pay for quality goods and services. Tourists are one of the most mobile and wealthiest groups. They know what they want and are always in search. If they are your target audience - go ahead with advertising placement on water ships and boats.

Example of advertising on a ferry
Boat advertising
Advertising on the boat

Other advantages of this type pf advertising include:

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