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Advertising on road signs

Road signs are widely used for urban navigation: indicate the direction of movement to the historical sites, cultural attractions, streets and squares, urban infrastructure, commercial and socially important facilities. Information about the distance to the object is often reflected on the road signs. HideRead more

They are designed as a support, on which standing road signs, two sided light boxes – lightboxes for the placement of advertising or information. Depending on cities in which they are located, may be structural differences of road signs. Advertising on road signs are often placed by shops, offices, cafes, restaurants, banks, located nearby it. They are like street furniture.

Advertising and information on the road signs are available to a wider audience: citizens and visitors (tourists, business people). Road signs, installed in crowded places, can effectively demonstrate located on their advertising for pedestrian flows and transport (motorists, transport passengers). At night, inside road signs lightning attract additional attention to them.

Example of advertising on the index
Example advertising on the index
Advertising on street signs
List of cities in Russia, where we place advertising on city indexes

Terms of advertising on road signs

The cost of advertising placement on the road signs depends on

  • Region
  • Location
  • Size of advertising field
  • Season
  • Duration of the placement
  • Order volume

Cost of developing the layout

Average cost of making advertising mockups 1 000 - 3 000 rub. (in view of VAT)

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