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Placement of advertising on outdoor digital screens

Video screens (led screens) are street monitors of large size, which allow placing bright full-color updated images. They are mounted on the facades of buildings (media facades), on the roofs of various facilities, and can be implemented as stand-alone advertising screens. Advertising carrier’s display involves placing the message in the form of text, graphics and video (movies). HideRead more

Main types of outdoor digital screens are billboards 3x6 m, super sites 5x15 m, media facades on the walls of buildings, monitors on the roofs. In the near future digital city-formats 1,2 x 1,8 m and digital city-boards 2,7 x 3,7 m will be widespread.

  • The brightness and dynamic broadcasting video clips combines all the advantages of outdoor advertising and advertising in electronic mass media and also on TV.
  • The breadth of coverage and the possible impact on the elusive audience combines with high visibility and readability also in the dark.
  • Convenient location of video boards (monitors are mounted in the crowded places of the city – on major highways with intense pedestrian and traffic flow), big size of a screen and opportunity of multiple repetitions of video clips guarantee that thousands of citizens will see and remember the advertising information.
  • LED-screens are designed so that their functioning will not depend on external conditions. Technical characteristics of constructions allow to transmit a quality image 365 days a year 24 hours a day with any weather – LED-screens are able to work good within the temperature range from - 40 to + 60 C°
  • Video panels attract attention at the distance up to 500 meters which guarantee an effective contact for a long time.
  • Outdoor advertising, located on led panels, is free from irritating moment unlike advertising on television or radio, as it fills time by useful information, which passengers, drivers and pedestrians lose on the road (for example, in a traffic jam).

Digital advertising is demanded in many segments of the advertising market. This type of advertising is bought by great companies (banks, distributing facilities and etc.), creating image clips. Video panels are often used for informing about actions, sales and announcing different events, exhibitions, concerts. In recent years digital monitors (especially media facades) became more and more one of the most popular tools for advertising and other directions.

Outdoor RUS – we can help you to place advertising on street digital screens.

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List of Russian cities, in which we place advertising on outdoor digital monitors
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The cost of movie production

The cost of advertising placement on monitors depends on

  • Region
  • Location
  • Timing
  • Season
  • Duration of the placement
  • Order volume

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